Find ship 雺!i9bB

find ship 雺!i9bB

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下不了臺 cannot find a way out of embarrassing situation; 臉上下得去 will not look too bad. (2) To fall, to drop: 下雨,下雪,下雹 it rains, it snows, hails; to drop; 下炸彈 drop bombs; 下雞蛋 lay eggs; 下淚 tear falls. (3) To set down, put down, pull down: 下旗 hoist flag down; 下筆 to set down with pen on paper; 下箸 to take food with chopsticks; 下鍋 to put ...

Jun Da 笪骏 ([email protected]) Data last updated 最近更新: 2004-03-30 Page last updated 最近更新: 2005-12-21 URL for this page 本页网址: http://lingua.mtsu ...

3)It rained hard yesterday, ____ prevented me from going to the park.. A. that B. which C. as D. it Da 案B. as 和which在引导 Fei 限制性定语从句时,这两个关系代词都指主句所表 Da 的整个意思,且在定语从句中都可以作主语 He 宾语。


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Because _____. A. they want to catch fish B. they want to find the secrets of the undersea world C. the sea is deep D. there are all kinds of plants in the sea 7. In the daytime, when you dive in the sea, you _____. A. can see everything green and blue B. can’t be in danger C. can atch nothing D. can’t see anything clearly 8. How many dangers will animals meet in the deep sea? A. One. B ...

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